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Calling all Introverts!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

These past three months working from home has aligned pretty well with you all.

Being able to focus on a project from start to end without being interrupted is a joy. The video calls and meetings have gotten much easier, too, since IT has advised all to not use the camera to preserve bandwidth. And, it’s been grand to spend more time with family, your pets and on your hobbies.

The thought of returning to the office some month does dreadfully pop up during a call with colleagues. But for now, it’s great to be on your own in the peace and quiet of home. And, the work is getting done.

Totally understand where you are coming from on all these counts.

But, calling on you right now because extroverts and leadership need you. They’ve been on the front lines of meetings to keep morale and engagement up. They’ve also taken on added projects to keep things moving along now and in the future. Truth is, they are more tired than they realize or are willing to readily admit. They may even feel isolated in their role and responsibilities.

Time to step out of the comfort zone and front line.

Extroverts and leadership need you and a potential, new, personal, normal awaits you.

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