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Being Comfortable with Conflicting Thoughts & Emotions

We can be a complicated bunch especially if we’re not comfortable experiencing and having conflicting thoughts.

I humbly share that it’s okay to have conflicting thoughts.

You can not like your boss but love your job. You can love your boss and not like your job. Love and hate, be sad and happy, and, joyful and angry about something or someone.

Understanding when you have conflicting thoughts is important to achieve peace with your opposing thoughts and emotions.

Otherwise, you may unknowingly become vexed or conflicted without even knowing why.

One of the contradictions I experience and have is the one between change and boredom. Generally speaking, I, like many others, find change challenging sometimes. At the same time, boredom sets in when things are the same and unchanging.

I love structure and predictability. At the same time I seek novelty and newness.

Reconciling these opposing thoughts and emotions between not being comfortable with change and needing change is important to me. Understanding when the conflicting thoughts and emotions rival one another gives me peace and maturity.

How about you? What conflicting thoughts or emotions do you navigate? How do you reconcile them and come to understand these conflicting thoughts and emotions?

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