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About that other end of the candle

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

For us as leaders, (and we’re all leaders, whether of companies or our own lives), we have a lot on our minds, our bodies are taxed and our spirit is restless.

The bills need to get paid; our community is tense; you have to be strong for your family, employees and yourself; sleepless nights making the days heavy and body tired; not eating healthy; deep down feeling sadness, anger and your sense of safety and comfort shaken.

Yet, you trudge on the without taking the time to clear the mind, to rest your body and reconnect with inner peace and self vision.

Cutting yourself some slack and giving yourself grace is, indeed, needed and necessary. Yet, what needs to get done and concerns keeps you at a non-stoppable pace. It’s unending.

But you have to, you must, step back and stop.

Loosen the reins. Make time stand still by standing up for yourself to clear your mind, exercise and finding yourself inside.

Make time stand still on a daily basis. Clear the clutter in your mind by focusing on the present. Ease the knots in your back by going for a walk. Realign sense of self with what fulfills and resonates with your spirit.

Blow off that other end of your candle so you can shine for the long haul.

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