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A toast to you !Salud!

You did it. You got through the first month of the year.

You started out with a lot of optimismo. Then, you and every one of us saw democracy flinch to the the extremism and emboldened racism.

Hope was restored with the inauguration and the adults on now Pennsylvania Avenue. At the same time, we know that caution remains heightened and may remain so for the foreseeable future.

You settled into your routine with new goals and ganas. Adjustments were made on a few things and you learned along the way.

Most importantly, you kept your head up and gave yourself and others grace. You may have also demonstrated the power of being vulnerable is as powerful as decisiveness and action.

For all these things and many others that only you know you experienced these four weeks, !salud!

May we all put the world on pause when we can this weekend to then get up and do it again con animo en febrero.

Hispanic Latinx Executive Coaching

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