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A New Week

Mondays can be slow starters, even after a cup or two of coffee.

To get you motivated what can you decide to amplify or start anew for the week?

Something that will make you feel realized and have a positive impact on yourself and/or others?

I thought of two things for myself.

First, I will take a fresh start on being a better listener, not just listening to what is being said but also to what is not being said. I’ll discern the energy and demeanor behind the words or lack of them. I’ll listen and respond through this kaleidoscope of perceptions which hopefully may result in more real, to-the-core and impactful conversations.

I’ll also start bicycling before work, during lunch or in the evenings.

Just thinking about having more fruitful conversations and getting more exercise is naturally caffeinating.

It’s your turn now. What can you amplify or start anew this week?

Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching

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