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A Molino Mentality

The molino or corn mill machine was introduced almost 100 years ago in Mexico and other meso-American cultures. As a result, women no longer had to toil hours every day to mill the family’s corn over the metate for their tortillas.

But it did more than that.

You see, the molino was usually in the town square, which meant women were able to leave their homes to have their corn milled. Or, if they could afford it, they would go to the molino to buy their tortillas.

Many a men rued the day the molino replaced the metate, as much as many a men rue an emancipated women today.

Sadly, many a women also haven’t emancipated from a metate mindset to avoid threatening the macho mentality.....their dreams and potential.

If that’s you, give yourself license to break that metate and look for your molino. It’s well overdue. You are well overdue.

Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching

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