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My Auténtico Self Coaching & Consulting offers coaching partnerships to Hispanic executives, future executives, and professionals in the financial services & other industries.    

Through candid, courageous, and 100% confidential conversations individuals will explore themes unique to their life experiences that are important for their personal and professional growth.  Topics that Gustavo has helped his clients navigate are:    ​​

  • clarify true expectations and goals;

  • discover what experiences are needed to be the innate leader that an individual is or can be; 

  • for my hermana clients, appreciate and fulfill your full potential as a Hispanic woman despite the corporate and even domestic environments of misogyny and machismo; 

  • for my hermano clients, acknowledge the sacrifices and successes you have experienced to propel you forward despite a corporate world that may (un)knowingly messaging that you wait your turn, or that you even message to yourself given our culture of placing others before our own interests; 

  • clarify next steps towards peak performance & growth based on an intrinsic sense of who the individual is and can become; and

  • visualize and champion an actionable path towards identified goals. 

Learn about my coaching approach...

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Executive coach Gustavo Lira leverages over thirty years of corporate experience and understands the professional challenges faced by first generation Hispanics. Through confidential, candid and courageous conversations, Gustavo champions and challenges individuals towards heightened performance and clear growth goals.

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I appreciated the forward-looking approach to Gustavo's coaching, which is a good balance to the therapy that I also go to.

K.A. / Financial Services

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