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“Your ‘Self’ on a Shelf”

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A twist on this new “Elf on a Shelf” tradition.

Put “your ‘self’ on a shelf” and consider one of these questions to reflect on the year and with 2023 in mind.

1. What is the greatest thing I avoided this year and why?

2. What did I attempt to control and how did that work out for myself and others?

3. Who did I become through my key or major accomplishment(s)?

4. Does my biggest 2022 concern still weigh on me and will it weigh on me in 2023?

5. Did I prioritize being right (“My way or the highway!”) over my relationships and how did that work out for me and others?

6. Did I have an effect on the world more than the world affected me?

7. Did I complicate life by trying to force it or by seeing it through a limiting perspective?

8. What deliberate and empowering choices did I make?

9. Am I self advocating for what I truly want or need?

10. How was I kind to myself?

May your answers give you a voice and empower you the remainder of the year, throughout 2023, and beyond.

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