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The Unofficial Top 10 David Letterman Considerations during Zoom Calls

Updated: May 11, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here are the unofficial Top 10 David Letterman Considerations during Zoom Calls, which may save you from embarrassment or fatigue.

1. Put a Post-it Note on your laptop screen that says. “If you gotta pee, don’t bring me.”

2. Set clothing expectations for family/significant others for that unexpected cameo appearance.

3. Your boss may not think a cat walking across the screen or on your lap is cute.

4. Eating chips and salsa is unacceptable.

5. The mute button is your friend. Use it.

6. Delays in colleagues’ reactions aren't rude or personal. It’s the WiFi connectivity.

7. Establish the ground rule: Silence is okay. We're all processing what was said.

8. Everyone is not looking at you. Relax. Cut yourself some slack.

9. Take breaks between meetings i.e., stretch, go for walks or break rule #2 with loved one.

10. Practice patience and give each other grace. Life is a B right now.

On your mark! Get set! Zoom!

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