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Shaking It Off & Getting Ready for Tomorrow

The day didn’t start or end gracefully. There were bumps and bruises along the way.

The day happened regardless of intent, plans, or efforts.

The need to unwind was great by 5 p.m..

So, I put the helmet on and shifted purposefully on the open roads. The power of the engine, the sound of the wind and the need to manage my risk on one of the most dangerous activities on the road, got me out of my head and in the present moment.

It’s meditation without the yoga mat at 60-70 miles per hour that gives me peace.

Then, to see views like this filters the day for understanding, what’s important, and to come home. Ready for the next day.

How do you unwind when the day happens to you and you need to understand it?

How do you shake it off and get ready for the next day?

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