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“I’m tired & need to rest”

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

It’s important to know when to slow down and rest. And just as important, to tell those around us that we need to rest. That we’re tired.

The past two weeks have been high tilt and fumes.

This Saturday afternoon I told mi esposa, Sarah, that I was tired and needed to rest.

Then, I slept hard on the sofa for about four hours.

She was finishing up on some grant work she needed to get done when I woke up from my much needed slumber.

Afterwards, we went out for dinner, had great conversation, and laughs. Our dinner and drinks rounded off the edge, too.

Between dinner and drinks, Sarah shared she was close to tilt during the week, too.

“I’m tired and I need to rest”, is an important message to self and others when needed.

Those close to you may need to slow down, too.

Tomorrow and what awaits, can wait, while we all rest.

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