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Give Worry and its Family Members a Name and Send Them Home

Worrying is experienced in many ways, unique to the beholder.

It can invade unexpectedly, nibble away and overwhelm, as your chest tightens, breath shortens and your state heightens, retreats or reacts.

It may abruptly show up through some of its cousins: anxiousness and short-temperedness. Or, it may subtly take over through the other side of the family; shutting down and paralysis.

You might exist in fast-forward or crawl into bed.

The art of worrying is, indeed, experienced in as many ways as there are people.

Understanding and comforting the source of your worry will help to tame and overcome it to make your most resonant decisions and be your best self.

Some of its brothers and sisters are anxiousness, uneasiness, apprehension, distress and dread.

Introduce yourself to these siblings, give them a name and look them in the eyes with unconditional self empathy. Explore where they came from and why they exist. Understand them and how to usher them out of your home.

Transform this vulnerable state to an opportunity of self-awareness, choices and actions forward.

It’s a firm and resolute way to start the week, day or moment as you align with your best self.

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