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Being Your Auténtico Self - What Would Happen?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

¿Qué pasaría? if you truly were your auténtico self today?

Como emprendedora, would you get rid of your clients or associates that you don’t believe in or trust, despite the loss to the bottom line or network?

Would you start your business all over with the right people on the bus and a refreshed business plan?

As a employee, would you exceed your current performance?

Would you tell your kids that life is unfair and they’ll experience hardships but they’ll get through it if they find it in themselves to toughen up?

Would you stop thinking about others more than yourself and be okay with the thought that los demás won’t get over it?

What would happen if you started being more of your auténtico self?

¿Lo intentarás? Will you try?

Then, laugh at the security of playing it safe and self-censoring with confianza and your real, powerful self.

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